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Zombie Science

We are excited to announce that Severed Press will be publishing “Zombie Science 1Z”. By Doctor Austin ZITS BSz MSz DPep. Zombie Science explains how Zombieism might occur, its effect on humans and how to prevent and ideally cure it. Zombie Science 1Z will accompany a lecture tour by Doctor Austin and will be essential if you are to undertake Zombie 1Z at the University of Glasgow.
See press release below.

Time-Tastical Productions/University of Glasgow/Wellcome Trust

The Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS), based at University of Glasgow, is proud to announce that Theoretical Zombiologist Doctor Austin will undertake a public lecture tour in 2011. It aims is to publicise the Institute’s research into the Zombieism condition and inspire the public about biological sciences.

The lecture titled Zombie Science 1Z features live demonstrations and an online exam certified by the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies. It explains how Zombieism might occur, its effect on humans and how to prevent and ideally cure it.

The project, funded by the Wellcome Trust charity, is designed to convey the science behind such biological topics as genetic engineering, virology and gene therapy in a humorous and engaging way.

The show will be touring comedy and science festivals across the UK as well as a series of West of Scotland schools during 2011. So far it has confirmed dates at the Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Newcastle Science Festival, Brighton Science Festival and the University of Glasgow’s Science Festival.

About Doctor Austin:

Doctor Austin ZITS BSz MSz DPep is Scotland’s leading expert in Zombieism and Head of ZITS. He holds a Masters in Zombiology, a Bachelors of Zombotany, and a Doctorate of Pepper. His researched has primarily focused on how a prion disease, similar to the human form of mad cow disease, could produce Zombieism. Doctor Austin is also Zombiologist Royal to Her Majesty the Queen of England.

About the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies:

Based at the historic University of Glasgow the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies is dedicated to the scientific study of Zombieism. The Institute is always on standby for zombie sightings and outbreaks. It also runs the Zombie Science 1Z degree course amongst others in the field of Zombieism.

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New Kindle Store

Our new Kindle store is now live.

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Books for 2011

Our line up for 2011 as it stands.

Torment Brett McBean
Zombie Pulp Tim Curran
The Living End James Robert Smith
Dead Bait 2 Anthology
White Flag of the Dead Series book 2,3 & 4 Joseph Talluto
War Against the Walking Dead Sean T Page: Minister of Zombies
The Baron Grill J Gilliam Martin
Zombies Vs Hippies J Gilliam Martin
Dreams and Armageddons and Dreams and Armageddons ad infinitum, written in a continuous circle surrounded by a pentagram Book 2 Messiah of Death Series Brant Danay (This is a working title...I think)
Taxi Ride Ty Schwamberger

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